Alternative Energy to Reduce Foreign Fuel Imports

Ideas on how to reduce and redistribute energy (particularly for transportation) and to feed the nation are welcome.

Just some ideas - current research ongoing over the world -

  • production of electrical energy - saltwater moving over a thin layer of rust on a sheet can produce electrical energy more efficiently (30%) per unit area than a typical solar cell (20%)
    Maybe an idea to provide electricity to power homes near coastal areas -

Titanium dioxide (rutile) is a natural resource. Photovoltaic cells to produce hydrogen

Electrically powered bicycles. A 250W solar panel (about 1.5 × 1 m^2) operated for a few hours a day could charge a 36V 6000mAh battery, enough to run an ebike for 10-15km

Cyanobacteria (blue green algae) are more efficient at harvesting light energy than ordinary plants. Cloned plants using cyanobacteria genes are being developed. May cultivating such genetically modified crops would increase harvest yields in a shorter time

Lichens contain cyanobacteria. Since cyanobacteria is so efficient at harvesting sunlight, lichens make excellent fertilizer. Cultivating lichens for use as natural fertilizers to improve crop yields and to reduce fertilizer imports?

thanks for the awesome information.